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How to Move Forward

Dear Coach Louise,

How do I get unstuck? I want to be happy, but my mind keeps going back to all the reasons why I should stay stuck. Amber

Dear Amber,

When we conquer fears, break habits, change jobs, or make life changes we start by asking questions.  Thank you for asking.

The mind is very powerful.  It helps to understand how it works. There are two parts to the mind, the subconscious and the conscious. When you wrote this you were in your conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the part of you that keeps playing back the old tapes. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined. Every time you go back to replaying the thoughts which made you stay stuck, the subconscious mind locks these thoughts in a little deeper.  It is like taking a highlighter pen and highlighting the same passage in a book over and over.  It becomes stronger and stronger in your mind. Or it is like digging a hole. Every time you replay you dig a little deeper. Until it is hard to get out.

How do you get unstuck? Start by creating a new story of moving forward with new thoughts. Write it down. When you hear your mind playing old tapes, say STOP. Say it out loud, just for fun. Say Stop making this your new habit.  Then the second part of your new habit is read your new story.  Like affirmations, reading this story will welcome change into your life. By welcoming I mean it opens the door for change to enter.

Visualize your new story. Visualizing is a powerful tool for taking it deeper into your subconscious mind.

Instead of being stuck in your old thoughts, you will feel a shift in your thinking to: What if? What if you made a change? What are the possibilities?  What are the benefits? Wallace Wattles wrote in the Secret to Getting What You Want “Man can form things in his thoughts, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the things he thinks about to be created.”

Happiness is a choice.  A commitment.  Like quitting smoking, no one can make you quit; you have to do it on your own.

Read  positive books and listen to audio CD’s about success stories of people getting unstuck.  Listen to positive radio shows. Choose to be around positive people who are moving forward in their lives. Hire a coach to help you gain clarity.

Amber you can do it. Just say yes. Yes is a high-energy word. When you say yes to life, yes to change, your energy increases. So say Stop to the old tapes in your mind and Yes to life.  I believe in you, Coach Louise  Rouse    P.S. The name was changed

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The Year Of Awaking

We think of New Years as a time to make new goals, resolutions for a new beginning. A fresh start from the old. We write intentions we make promises to ourselves. Yet this is the year of letting go of old practices and trusting in something bigger than ourselves.  No list, no expectations, a surrendering as soft as a breeze blowing bye. A time of trusting in the process of life.

Can you feel it?  The calling for the only way out. The scope of the world can be more than a person can bear.  Like being caught in a maze each direction seems like we are lost, but if we listen, pay attention we are some how guided out.

The Invisible is more powerful than the Visible.

A sound that stirs our soul, a bird soaring in the sky, a sunset on the horizon, all-speaking to our soul. As if they are messengers beckoning us to listen.  Calling us to pay attention, saying, “Follow me”.  Our heart can feel it our mind confuses it. This is the year of Awaking.

The simple things which nature brings to guide us through difficult times. The awaking of a dream under the sun as well as night.  Like a drumbeat connecting with our heartbeat we are reminded that we are all connected dancing through this life. Our thoughts are our prayers weaving the dream. Let them be guided by trusting the light. The light in all of us, which is ready to shine bright.

When a soul needs to be released of pain inside the only way is to forgive. Through handing it over to a higher power. As if one blew all the frustration, anger, judgments, grief into a pink balloon. Then tied the knot and let it float up to the sky. Or the release of an addiction through a Serenity Prayer.  Each creates an awaking a bridge to something greater, without expectation only sweet surrender.

Life becomes holy and sacred. Seen in the eyes of love. Behind every moment a whispered prayer. Driven by intuition as well as intention we awaken the gift of being able to be completely authentic. The incredible magnificent you.  Born for this time. Thank you for being you.

Happy New Year, Louise Rouse Planetary Coach

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Poem about suffering a loss
Unless you've lost a child.......then
Don't ask us if we are over it yet. We'll never be over it.
A part of us died with our child.
Don't tell us they are in a better place.
They are not here with us, where they belong.
Don't say at least they are not suffering.
We haven't come to terms with why they suffered at all.
Don't tell us at least we have other children.
Which of your children would you have sacrificed?
Don't ask us if we feel better.
Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up.
Don't force your beliefs on us.
Not all of us have the same faith.
Don't tell us at least we had our child for so many years.
What year would you choose for your child to die?
Don't tell us God never gives us more than we can bear.
Right now we don't feel we can handle anything else.
Don't avoid us. We don't have a contagious disease, just unbearable pain.
Don't tell us you know how we feel, unless you have lost a child.
No other loss can compare to losing a child. It's not the natural order of things.
Don't take our anger personally.
We don't know who we are angry at or why and lash out at those closest to us.
Don't whisper behind us when we enter a room.
We are in pain, but not deaf.
Don't stop calling us after the initial loss.
Our grief does not stop there and we need to know others are thinking of us.
Don't be offended when we don't return calls right away.
We take each moment as it comes and some are worse than others.
Don't tell us to get on with our lives.
We each grieve differently and in our own time frame.
Grief can not be governed by any clock or calendar.
Do say you are sorry. We're sorry, too, and you saying
that you share our sorrow is far better than saying any of those
tired cliches you don't really mean anyway. Just say you're sorry.
Do put your arms around us and hold us.
We need your strength to get us through each day.
Do say you remember our child, if you do.
Memories are all we have left and we cherish them.
Do let us talk about our child.
Our child lived and still lives on in our hearts, forever.
Do mention our child's name. It will not make us sad or hurt our feelings.
Do let us cry. Crying is an important part of the grief process.
Cry with us if you want to.
Do remember us on special dates.
Our child's birth date, death date and holidays are
a very lonely and difficult time for us without our child.
Do send us cards on those dates saying you remember our child.
We do.
Do show our family that you care.
Sometimes we forget to do that in our own pain.
Do be thankful for children.
Nothing hurts us worse than seeing other people in pain.

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