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Do you ever wonder how to connect with your loved one? If you do here is two tips I learned from Sheri Perl Migdol and Terri Daniel

1. As you inhale your breath draw in a feeling of love, then on the exhale send your breath filled with love to your loved one. As you continue to repeat this breathing pattern, feel your love connecting and returning love back to you.

2. Now imagine your loved one is standing behind you embracing you and you are breathing in and out together. After many breaths ask for a message? Or send a message. Wonderful way to start a conversation.
Remember nothing ever dies it only transforms.

There is a free gift of 5 audio on The Conscious Way to Heal Grief for you at Coach Louise

Message From Coach Diana,

Healthy grieving can be a slow, difficult process that lasts for months or years. You may go through all the stages of grief: disbelief, yearning, anger, depression and acceptance; or you may not. And although you may gradually be able to refocus your life, you’ll probably never “get over it” or stop thinking about the person who died. The point I am trying to relay to you is: Your feelings are perfectly normal.
After 11 years of working with Hospice and talking to people who are grieving, the most common questions I hear are: Why do I feel like this? What’s wrong with me? How long will this last? Why can’t I just get over this?
Ongoing emotional support from friends is very important, especially from others who understand what you are going through. That is why Online Grief Support was created – people that are grieving need to connect with others who are grieving. You are not alone in your grief and your feelings are normal although they may feel abnormal to you. Relatives and friends often can’t understand what a grieving person is going through. You will find helpful support in discussing your loss with others in a similar situation.

~ Coach Diana

Grief is itself a medicine. ~William Cowper

CoachDiana and Coach Louise have teamed up offering you an Connect with others.

Message from Coach Louise

As I have witnessed that America is suffering from grief in a vast amount of areas. I started out with coaching others from the loss of a loved one, and soon discovered I was coaching many from the loss of other things.


Have you ever heard of a Giveaway?

During my mourning year of my son’s transformation to above and beyond, I was blessed to me mentored by Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers on our dear mother earth. Grandmother told me to give a Giveaway. When I asked what is a Giveaway? She told me that through the mourning year the Native American tradition is: to make things for others in honor of your loved one to give away on the one-year anniversary. Plus to giveaway the persons belongings. Through the process of doing this ritual your hole in your heart will be filled.

I painted paintings of my son wakeboarding, planted flowers in all the many shoes he left behind, put pictures of my son in frames, wrote his name coping his signature on bandanas and designed the art for wakeboards using his art, to have a company make boards in his remembrance. Plus I gave away 100 cedar trees.

The day for the Giveaway arrived 75 friends came for a sit down garden dinner, followed by the Giveaway. The next day all I could hear in my mind was what was I thinking?  I am not Native American, I want all of my sons belongings back right now!  The hole in my heart just had not been filled. I cried and slept.

Awaking for another day, I remembered the organic baskets I had made to float down the river with his ashes during the giveaway, but had forgotten about them with all the many people at the giveaway. My family and I went to the river to complete my ceremony. My grandchildren were so eager to ask for more ashes to throw in the river, while the adults were timid placing them in baskets. Standing by the majestic Rogue River we placed our baskets into the flowing water and watched them float away. All accept mine. My basket kept coming back to me, caught in a current of return.  Finally I picked up my skirt and walked out into the river and pushed my basket down the river. Suddenly unexpectedly, a swoosh of energy hit my chest, filling the hole in my heart with love and happiness. Grandmother was right after all.  Never doubt the wisdom of a wise woman.

For every child born so is a parent, and when a child transforms so is conversion of the parent. The same goes for the earth.

Finding a way to go forward in honor of your loved one comes from examining what they were passionate about . For me my son was dedicated to making the earth a better place and concerned with planet issues.

Giving birth to a magnificent new age requires we learn from our ancestors, wise holders of wisdom, and imagine how this new age looks, feels, taste, and sounds like in all areas of our life. Then we know what seeds to plant in our garden of the future

For the hole to fill, the cup to overflow with love, peace, and joy for all us on dear mother earth, it also begins with the act of prepare. Prepare for what you want. Prepare and it shall come. Followed by the Giveaway, give and you will be rewarded. The wisdom of the Giveaway, applies to all areas of our life.

With all world changes going on at this time on earth, I created a new certification program to help people who are ready and wanting  to move forward in a meaningful way. A new job for a new you.  If you are interested but want more info email coachlouise

Cancer report from

With many of you being touched by cancer I thought you might want to know this information.

Have you heard about the Gerson Tapes? They’re a collection of interviews and teachings from Charlotte Gerson, who runs the Gerson clinics that have successfully treated thousandsof cancer patients with a therapy based on cleansing, detoxification and live foods nutrition.

The treatment is so successful that, even today, thousands of patients from around the world flock to the Gerson clinics in Mexico ( to heal themselves of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic degenerative conditions.

Why are the clinics in Mexico? Because, not surprisingly, U.S. authorities have outlawed all natural cancer treatments in America and even viciously attacked the top scientists who discovered scientifically-valid cancer cures that really work. Want some proof? Watch the shocking documentary “Burzynski” and you’ll be stunned by what you learn.

That documentary is available to be watched, full length, at no charge right now at NaturalNews.TV. Seriously, watch this video and you will be absolutely blown away by how the government has declared war on our country’s best anti-cancer pioneers who could cure millions of people.

Watch it now at:

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