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9/11 Healing GRIEF

Today is the four year anniversary for my son Hudson. Four years since I have seen him, heard his laugh.

I sat on a hard old rock and cried by the Applegate River, tears of pure love.  Upon my return back home I was greeted with so many wonderful messages on his Facebook Group page which my daughter created. Example

Griffin Loop posted in Hudson J Thomas – Remember the Legend.
Hudson, As I reflect this day my understanding of who you are has grown. Several emotions are present and strong. Admiration. Your impact. The strength you put into others. The ambitions you spark. The courage to stand up for what you believe in. The love to help those around you. Leadership. LIFE. charge. SMILE. I am forever grateful for the ongoing journey and teachings you share with me. Thank You for watching over us all and blessings to your family. I will see you on the water bright and early my friend.

I encourage all of you to make one of these pages, it allows all of their friends and relatives a place to share. Plus I can’t even begin to put in to words how much it met to me to read all the messages I received today or whenever someone just had a dream, or a thought.

9/11A Celebration of Personal Heroes

I was invited to write a story for a new free eBook:

The Gratitude Book Project:  A Celebration of Personal Heroes

It’s a time of remembrance—and of celebrating strength. 

As across the United States and world we commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, it’s time to celebrate the strong. I’m proud to announce that I’m a co-author of a special project celebrating personal heroes from The Gratitude Book Project.

Even though the characteristics of a hero may be different from one person to another, the underlying theme of heroism is uniform throughout in the sense that they are all admired.  Heroes define our aspirations and expand the perceived limitations we have of ourselves.  They remind us of who we want to be and how we’re going to get there.

Maybe you consider your father a hero or maybe you feel the hero within yourself.  Maybe your hero is a firefighter or a Navy Seal.  Regardless of who your hero is, they are all defined by the same characteristics and celebrated in The Gratitude Book Project: A Celebration of Personal Heroes.

With so many inspiring stories of gratitude to our heroes, The Gratitude Book Project: A Celebration of Personal Heroes is sure to warm your heart with love and appreciation for those who we admire.  Pick up your free copy at

Power of Prayer

I am joining in these two prayer groups tomorrow, and invite you to join as well.

If you haven’t already registered you might consider joining the 10,000 already registered for our monthly 11/11 Prayer Circle. 

This is the 9th circle in this program, and if you can’t join us for the live call Sunday, 11 AM California Time it will be recorded so you can listen later. The energy of the prayer is captured in that moment and will also be available to you on the replay.
==> We are leveraging the energies of these circles and the remarkable energies available on these monthly portals of these 11 days each month of this 2011th year to project intentions for each of us and the planet. Using the power of the group energy, we will create an even stronger wave available to all who participate. We are, from this perspective, also creating an energy wave for all on the planet. 

On Sunday’s call, we will ALSO be focusing prayers in remembrance of 9/11/01 and on parts of the world that need our assistance – so if you want to make a difference let’s play with the energy of peace for each of us as individuals and for the nations that are struggling with this. 

This circle will also assist you in seeing the light and joy in your lives. We will focus continually on what is right and good in all situations. By making this part of your daily practice, by the end of the program, you will do this naturally. And in return, raise your vibration.

Also you can listen to a replay of James Van Praagh  for the next 48 hours at this link

On my website there are free audios on The Conscious Way Toward Healing Grief just for you.

For those of you who are ready to move forward and help others in loss check out my new program. This week I will be graduating my first students and they are excited.

Once again thank you , With warm regards, and a million hugs, Coach Louise Rouse

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