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The Year Of Awaking

We think of New Years as a time to make new goals, resolutions for a new beginning. A fresh start from the old. We write intentions we make promises to ourselves. Yet this is the year of letting go of old practices and trusting in something bigger than ourselves.  No list, no expectations, a surrendering as soft as a breeze blowing bye. A time of trusting in the process of life.

Can you feel it?  The calling for the only way out. The scope of the world can be more than a person can bear.  Like being caught in a maze each direction seems like we are lost, but if we listen, pay attention we are some how guided out.

The Invisible is more powerful than the Visible.

A sound that stirs our soul, a bird soaring in the sky, a sunset on the horizon, all-speaking to our soul. As if they are messengers beckoning us to listen.  Calling us to pay attention, saying, “Follow me”.  Our heart can feel it our mind confuses it. This is the year of Awaking.

The simple things which nature brings to guide us through difficult times. The awaking of a dream under the sun as well as night.  Like a drumbeat connecting with our heartbeat we are reminded that we are all connected dancing through this life. Our thoughts are our prayers weaving the dream. Let them be guided by trusting the light. The light in all of us, which is ready to shine bright.

When a soul needs to be released of pain inside the only way is to forgive. Through handing it over to a higher power. As if one blew all the frustration, anger, judgments, grief into a pink balloon. Then tied the knot and let it float up to the sky. Or the release of an addiction through a Serenity Prayer.  Each creates an awaking a bridge to something greater, without expectation only sweet surrender.

Life becomes holy and sacred. Seen in the eyes of love. Behind every moment a whispered prayer. Driven by intuition as well as intention we awaken the gift of being able to be completely authentic. The incredible magnificent you.  Born for this time. Thank you for being you.

Happy New Year, Louise Rouse Planetary Coach

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