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Tears , Water, and Grief

It is raining, and I have a cold.

All this abundant wonderful rain we are having  which is feeding the earth feels like having a holiday feast. Water, precious water. Did you know that water has ears? The messages water hears could be creating our future. Years ago we might have thought this idea would have been great for some science fiction movie. Today it is starting to become household knowledge thanks to the work of Japan’s Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Dr. Masaru Emoto ‘s work gave us scientific proof on how the molecular changes in water can be influenced by thought. Seeing increases believing.

I remember crying in a swimming pool in Costa Rica the year after my son passed. Then it stated to rain. At first I felt like he was crying with me, then the beauty of the rain drops bouncing on the water made me smile. Suddenly I was feeling joy. Joy is what the other side wishes for us to feel.

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, shares with us that while we are drinking water to think the thoughts that we want to go into our body. The water will carry the memory of these thoughts into the cells of your body. I am drinking health, and a lot of it.  If you are feeling sadness, think of peace or happiness when you are drinking water.

For the holidays it might be nice to try infusing water to bring love, peace and health in to all your family dinners. This will help if everyone is suffering in grief. I have infused water with vibrations of love, healing, and peace many times.  Everyone who drank the water noticed the difference. It was like serving fine wine.

Just as water hears our thoughts, so does the other side. Your love ones want you to know how mush they love you.  I have noticed through coaching othes in grief that  Iam able to hear messages from their love ones on the other side and then pass the messages on. I have always been able to hear for myself, however never even thought about hearing for others.  It is a gift which I was  unsure I wanted  untill my son passed on. Then suddenly I was ever so grateful.  Am hearing now loud and clear form the other side, that it is time for me to share with others.

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