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Holiday Grief

The Holidays can be hard on all of us in grief.

May we remember: all our tears are simply a stream of our love releasing.

Our pain is a reflection of our ability to truly love. Love is the greatest gift of all.

May we remember it is better to have loved than to have never have loved at all.

We may feel in hindsight that we did not love enough, however we all see things in hindsight in which we wish we had done better. What is important to remember now is that we loved the best that we could, and the gift of one passing is we learn to love even more.

Our love ones, love us and feel us. Even though they have left their physical bodies, they are still alive in spirit. Honor them by lighting a candle, putting their shirt over a chair at the table, making their favorite dish, saying a prayer, or playing their favorite music. Trust in the invisible relationship you have with them. The feeling they are near, or talking to them, or thinking about them.

Allow your creativity to help you in your healing. Writing, music, art, dance whatever your creative expression is will be helpful in healing your pain.

Thank you for joining this site, I am  forever grateful. I send you love during this holiday season.

May you know I send you love and wish you a holiday filled with peace, happiness, and health. With love and compassion, Coach Louise Rouse

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