Introducing the 14 Angels
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I was communing with the 14 angels for a year every morning and night before my son crossed, as I was in the midst of writing a book on Angelology. In hindsight, I am ever so grateful for this daily practice which prepared me for having an Invisible Relationship with my son. The history of these angels is God gave Moses two tablets, one on the angels and one on the Ten Commandments. When Moses returned and was ashamed of his people he threw the tables and they were broken. On his return to God at the burning bush God gave him only one tablet on the The Commandants and told Moses to only teach the masters about the second tablet until people were ready. I believe we are ready to save our planet with this indigenous spiritual wisdom.


I’m honored to be one of 41 extraordinary women  sharing her inspirational story in the highly-anticipated book,
A Juicy, Joyful Live

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How would you like to Have A Relationship With The Other Side Without Hiring A Psychic?

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Coach Louise:

"Coach Louise is a fabulous grief expert.  She is first-hand experienced realizing loss sometimes can come suddenly.  Her mission is to help change the perception on grief--”that nothing ever dies, only transforms.” Her attitude, experience and passion in this well needed work will help you grow through your grief process in less time than it takes many to go through this journey alone.  Coach Louise is a woman who “has been there, done that and wore the tee shirt” and will help you accelerate the grief process in a unique way she has come to understand. Why let grief keep you locked up when there is the best grief expert available to you.  Coach Louise is exceptionally passionate, caring and sensitive to help you deal with your grief!  Why look at the rest when you can have the best: Coach Louise!"  Carol Giambri

A message from America's Grief Coach:

When you’re wanting to: desperately help another in grief, make sense of death, or simply seeking help from your loss , I am here to help you  on your journey.
"Nothing is ever lost, it can always be found." Coach Louise Rouse
You Can Turn Your Grieving Into Receiving

You might wonder "What will I receive?"

You will receive peace, joy and a new connection with your loved one, or if you are suffering from some other kind of loss, a connection with your guides to help you discover new possibilities.

Peace is the foundation of all happiness, health and success.

"Receiving peace" was my lifesaver after my 22-year-old son crossed over. As a Transpersonal Therapist I knew all about the Five Stages of Grief, first introduced by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. The five stages of grief seemed to make people just focus on noticing which stage they were in. The five stages [denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance] definitely help people to be in touch with their feelings, and more importantly know they are normal. However, I witnessed over and over again that when a person connects with invisible relationships true healing begins.        

Would you like to be happy? Invisible Relationship coaching is a  Life Changing, Liberating, Incredible Process for returning to joy. Loss is not a life sentence of pain and suffering, it is a wake up call, to remember what is important in life, and that you are not alone. Unlock your intuitive connection with Invisible Relationships. 

What is Invisible Relationships Angels, your love ones in heaven, and the many names we call the Divine. Is it bad to call on them will I stop their moving on in heaven? We could not control our love ones on earth, and the same is in heaven. They want us to know they are here for us, to help, and support our journey. The best gift that you can give your love ones in heaven is to LET-LOVE-LIVE.


Let - Love -Live

I was given a banner shortly after my son's passing to the other side, which read "In the end what matters most is: how well you lived, how well you loved, how well you let go." Something in this quote was missing for me. Then I realized that the banner was backwards. In the end what matters most is how well you Let - Love - Live!

My Retreats and Group Coaching are places where people come together to learn how to LET-LOVE-LIVE and transform their loss into fabulously found. 

  • Become more empowered to live fully.
  • Heal the hole in your heart.
  • Be free of worry and judgment.
  • Let love live and find peace, happiness and health again.

Remember: Nothing ever dies. It only transforms.


Invisible Relationships are waiting to send you a lifeline.
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